Baixar Módulo de Inglês – 10ᵃ Classe (IEDA/PESD)

Welcome once again to this methodology of learning. We hope that you will find the study rewarding and that you will be able to apply Theoretical contents to this Educational System at this level.
We know you have made an excellent choice by choosing to study in this programme, (PESD).
This learning guide is not a textbook but is intended to be workbook and guide to your studies.
This learning guide is divided into seven units each units focus on the expected learning outcomes.
Specific questions and activities also are found in this learning guide which we believe that will help you to reach the main gaols of the grade 10 English subject programme.
The Guidance has been divided into practical lessons where you are asked to enjoy the exercises step by step.
After you have finished positively the exercises you will be asked to carry out the testes that have kindly been designed to assess your comprehension. Please, follow the structures attentively.

Ficha Técnica
Autor: Artur Jorge Tembe
Participação: Belmiro Nento Novele
Titulo: Material de Estudo de Inglês 10ª Classe
Editora: MINED
Disciplina: Inglês
Classe: 10ᵃ
Idioma: Inglês
Formato do Ficheiro: PDF
Ano de lançamento: –
Tamanho: 4 MB

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